Blue Dog was created to provide operations suffering from bad applications a better option. Our solution is a new and better way to deliver transit management solutions.

We created Blue Dog to be flexible, it works for any size operation. The day-to-day functions and features you need are easy to use. Getting started is quick. Blue Dog offers capabilities not possible with older technologies. You can access it anywhere via an internet or cell connection, using any desktop or mobile device. You can work from your office, on the road, or at home. Blue Dog’s quick response times will amaze you.

Operators are accustomed to overpriced and/or outdated mobile technology. Blue Dog uses tablets and phones you select, Apple and Android devices. Affordable on-board tablets are easy to replace. Onerous and complicated vehicle device implementations are eliminated.

Blue Dog power gives you choices. Have it customized for your specific needs. Or get started now with a monthly or annual subscription.

Put bad software in your rearview mirror.  Let Blue Dog be your best friend.