Blue Dog gives you impressive technology because it was designed for the cloud. This allows operations of all sizes to get on board. Put it to work in your operation and get:

  •  Browser access from anywhere

  •  Works on existing desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones

  •  Online implementation

  •  Bundled phone, online, email, and text support

  •  Automatic and seamless app updating

  •  Annual subscription includes app access, updates and support

And to make it easy for you to get up and running, our staff can convert your existing data. Passengers, orders, locations, and more!

Blue Dog is more than a routing and sheduling system, it's full of features and functions. You get impressive technology because it was designed to use what the cloud has to offer:

  •  Passenger database

  •  On demand and recurring trip booking

  •  Vehicle and trip dispatching

  •  Mobile or paper manifest

  •  Google maps integration

  •  Vehicles database

  •  Vehicle tracking

  •  Common origins/destinations list

  •  Customizable billing quotes

  •  Dispatcher/driver messaging center

  •  Staff access with permission levels

  •  Report generator with query and customization

  •  Data exporting
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