You want to give your passengers a better mobile experience. Give your drivers and staff better tools to get their jobs done. Give management better and faster reporting. Our Blue Dog web app is the only cloud technology which provides all of that. In one neat and clean package.

  •  Simplify office work

  •  Save time producing daily manifests

  •  Reduce paperwork

  •  Organize tasks

  •  Access from mobile devices

Blue Dog is available through monthly subscription or the industry first offering of custom app ownership.

Subscribers get started with Blue Dog unlike with other transit software. There's no huge upfront outlay which requires RFPs and federal grants. It fits comfortably into an operating budget. The annual subscription pricing includes access by management, staff, and passengers. Also bundled in are automatic app updates and friendly customer support.

Custom app operators can have Code Choppers or their IT staff take the stable and proven Blue Dog foundation and add custom features and functions. This is risk free development. With the basis of the custom app already production quality, the time and budget of the customization effort is far more manageable and easily controlled.
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