Frequently asked questions
Isn't it risky to own our applications?

No, just the opposite. You are in control when you own your application. You know who has access to the code and your databases. You decide who is performing the work to enhance and maintain your application. You choose where you want you hosting. You control the costs. We provide the foundation and the assistance for you to stand on your own.
Have transit operations owned code in the past?

Owning an application is not a new concept. Originally some large metro transit agencies created proprietary applications for their operations that ran on mainframe computers. When PCs began entering the workforce, outside vendors, like us, began developing applications and offering software licenses to transit agencies. It didn't make sense for those agencies to spend large amounts of money to recreate applications with the same functions. But our offering allows transit operations to own an application without the risk and cost of developing from scratch.
Won't you go out of business if you sell your code?

Selling code is getting back to why we started our company, to help the transit industry. Providing custom applications or source code empowers these organizations. We believe our business model and revenues will benefit from this unique procurement opportunity. We have been in business for over twenty years, longer than most software vendors in the industry.
Can the app handle the demands of a large operation?

Yes for two reasons. One, a Blue Dog customer has easily provided over 425 paratransit trips per day. Two, the designs and foundations of our apps are highly scalable. We use the LAMP software bundle which includes MySQL (the "M" in LAMP) for the databases. MySQL is the most popular database in use. A few of the major users include: Facebook, Twitter, Zappos, US Navy, YouTube, Netflix, Zillow, NASA, and PayPal. Not only is it scalable, it's so universal you may already have staff which knows it well.
What is the cost?

Pricing varies. Contact us and we will discuss your specific needs and generate a quote based upon those requirements.
Why are you named Code Choppers?

When we first entered the software development business, we incorporated as Route Logic, Inc. Five years later, another company entered the market and used an eerily similar name, RouteMatch. They also called their paratransit software ParaMatch, using Para before the second part of their company name, as we had already done with our ParaLogic system.

We decided to end the confusion they started. When we began development of our browser applications to replace our desktop systems we thought it made sense to rebrand our company. We bandied about lots of ideas. The one which seemed a good fit is a reference to our development process. Thus, Code Choppers was born, with Code referring to application code and Choppers being slang for writing code. It may not be a standard industry name, but it works for us.

It wouldn’t surprise us if RouteMatch changes their name, too. Maybe to something like Code Cutters?
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