Custom application you build
Our biggest strength is our app technology. We can provide you with the building blocks to create your own custom app.

We take innovative procurement in a whole new direction. Instead of changing the way you purchase a good or service, we suggest you consider turning a service into an asset.

Because all the code we offer is used to power various operations throughout the country, is it mature and stable. Although the code was developed for transit providers, it can be easily modified for other similar applications. Any organization with any of the following requirements may be helped by our web app code:

  •  Customer database

  •  Service requests

  •  Delivery dispatch

  •  Tablet and smartphone connectivity

  •  Vehicle location

  •  Service quotes

  •  Customer billing

  •  Customer subscription payment processing

  •  Dynamic reporting

It's a great match for many types of operations, such as: service providers, delivery services, and hospitals. With some tweaking for your specific needs, you'll be up and running in no time!

There are many benefits to purchasing proven code:

  •  Greatly reduced development risk

  •  Far shorter development time

  •  Mature and stable application

  •  Less costly than developing from scratch

Our code is based on the highly popular LAMP software bundle. From a language perspective it makes the code the easiest to maintain and update for applications running in today's desktop and mobile browsers. If your IT department is comfortable with HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS, there's no language learning curve.

Buy an entire transit management application or just the functions you need!
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