Custom application we build
Code Choppers takes innovative procurement in a whole new direction. Instead of purchasing a license or subscription, buy an asset you control.

You'll benefit from having a Code Choppers custom application designed by you for your operation. It will have the features and functions you need. It will work the way you run your operation. And it will be delivered on time and within budget. We make all those happen by working from a core that's been in production for years. This means all the issues with new development are irrelevant. You don't need to stress over deadlines, running over budget, problems arising during beta testing and initial implementation. You benefit by us working from a foundation of mature and stable code.

We will customize your app for you. Once it's been completed we can manage the hosting and add future customizations as an independent contractor. Alternatively, we'll work with your staff to assist them with taking it over.

Our development was initially aimed at transit providers, however our code can be easily modified for other similar needs. An organization with any of the following requirements can be helped by a custom web app:

  •  Customer database

  •  Service requests

  •  Delivery dispatch

  •  Tablet and smartphone connectivity

  •  Vehicle location

  •  Service quotes

  •  Customer billing

  •  Customer subscription payment processing

  •  Dynamic reporting

Many types of operations can use a custom application developed by us, such as service providers, delivery services, hospital and medical campus transport. With enhancements tailored for your specific needs, you'll be using your app in no time.

Our custom applications are based on the highly popular LAMP software bundle. From a language perspective it makes the code easy to maintain and update for applications running in current desktop and mobile browsers. If your IT department is comfortable with HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS, there's no learning curve.
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