Code Choppers works with transportation providers, supplying solutions that seem simple, but are very powerful. Our developers have created some of the most popular transportation software products, including routing & scheduling and billing systems. Over 100 operations throughout the country have relied on these productivity tools. They range from single vehicle operators to the transit agencies in Los Angeles, Houston, and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Prior to developing web apps, Code Choppers was known as RouteLogic and created desktop products for the transit industry. These systems are respected and stable tools with many customers continuing to rely on them to help run their operations. With the shift to web apps, along with their exciting cloud technologies and designs, a new business model was needed to support the big change. So, we thought it would be a good idea to give the business a fresh name and new look.

Before establishing RouteLogic, our founder and president was in charge of IT for the transit operations of Ryder Systems. When he left, they were the largest transit contractor and one of the largest student transportation operators in the country.

Code Choppers has experience, but is not afraid to shake things up. It's the one transit IT company that successfully moved from the desktop era to the cloud.

With Red Dog you get to take advantage of our extensive experience.
Call us at 407-909-1270 or send us an email at info@codechoppers.com for more information or a demo.