About us
Our Experience

We've developed applications used in the largest (Los Angeles, Houston, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Long Beach) to the smallest operations. We've developed paratransit routing and scheduling, transit billing, fixed route customer service, customer payment, and mobile applications. This extensive range of application, operations and customers gives us experience few, if any, can match.

Our Creativity

From the beginning, our staff has pushed the boundaries of what transit applications can accomplish. We're not copycats; either in the technology we develop or the way we market that technology. Our staff has many firsts to their credits. First to develop paratransit automated routing and scheduling for PCs. First to develop paratransit software for small, rural, and medium sized operations. First to develop transit web apps with mobile components.

Our Courage

When Windows desktop software was dated and unsuitable for mobile connectivity, we developed new web apps specifically for internet deployment. The easy thing to do would have been to throw our desktop applications onto the web using virtualization software, like many other firms have done. Instead, we started from scratch, using our own funds, and developed an entirely new suite of web apps. It took a few years and retraining of our staff. That's just how we approach issues.
Call us at 407-909-1270 or email us at info@codechoppers.com for more information or a demo.